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Introducing Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce, a revolutionary new hot sauce that not only packs a punch with its blend of Chipotle and Habanero peppers, but also gives back to the community.

Our unique recipe combines the smoky depth of Chipotle peppers with the fiery heat of Habanero peppers to create a hot sauce that will ignite your taste buds. Every 9 oz jar of Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce is filled with natural, high-quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

But that's not all - a portion of the proceeds from every jar sold goes towards feeding the homeless in our community and providing personal development books to inmates and those in need of a mindset reset. By choosing Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce, you can feel good about not only enhancing your meals, but also making a positive impact on those in need.

At only $9.99 per jar, Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce is not only a tasty addition to your pantry, but also an affordable way to make a difference. Use it to spice up your favorite dishes or as a marinade for your meats and vegetables, the options are endless!

Whether you're a heat seeker or simply looking to add some flavor to your meals, Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce is sure to satisfy. And with the added bonus of supporting a great cause, there's no reason not to give it a try. So, add some heat and flavor to your meals, and help make a difference in your community by purchasing Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce today!

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$9.99  for a  9oz Jar

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