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Image by Martin Adams

The Story

Among my friends, I am usually the one with the highest tolerance for heat when it comes to eating  "spicy" food. I've always enjoyed the numbing sensation caused by the endorphins and dopamine that would submerge and alter my consciousness. Once the pain subsided, I was left in a state of peace and serenity like no other. I had to have "high heat" on everything. I'd always hear "you're just ruining the meal!" clearly they could not understand my experience. It is that misunderstanding that pushed me to make it my personal duty to create the perfect hot sauce that balances heat and flavor. It took eleven years of experimenting with different: flavors, elements, profiles and processes with Habaneros always being the key ingredient to work with as the heat consistency was pretty reliable. 

One day I was at a local Mexican market and noticed Aged Habaneros and 1 row down were Chiptole peppers somewhere near the Guagillo or Ancho peppers and thought to myself that this could be an interesting combination unlike any other. Until then, I was used to seeing Chipotle peppers in a can with adobo sauce. I felt compelled and anxious to bring them to the laboratory(the kitchen) and begin experimenting.












The Inspiration

   We proudly maintain a tradition of fresh and quality ingredients here at Cesar's Smoking Hot Sauce as we hand select our produce. I kept the key flavor components to Salsa: onions, tomatoes, and garlic, swapped out the Jalapeno or Serrano peppers with Habaneros and Chipotles and changed the process, I just went with my instinct. I uniquely slow cook all of the ingredients allowing them to co-mingle and simmer until they individually release their own unique natural flavors ( carmelized red onions, slow roasted garlic and tomatoes)  ultimately coming together with the  Habaneros and Chipotle peppers that are also uniquely roasted as one finely handcrafted collaboration for you to enjoy and Love with all of your favorite foods and dishes.

A pot simmering fresh peppers, tomatoes , garlic and onions being slowly simmered to maximize flavor.
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